Kerri – Senior Hair Stylist & Salon Owner

Kerri is the new owner of StyleMakers Hair Design. She has been a stylist in the hair industry for 25 years. What inspires Kerri the most about doing hair is making people feel good about themselves and watching them leave happy. Kerri loves working with short hair and curly hair, and she specializes in colour, but she is a dynamic stylist that always leaves her clients smiling and feeling great.

Kerri didn’t always know she would be a hair stylist. When she was young she wanted to go to nursing school, but thought she would give her high school cosmetology program a try — she loved it!

When Kerri isn’t at the salon, she’s usually with her family or friends, enjoying a glass of wine, or maybe hiking up a mountain, camping and enjoying the outdoors.

As the new owner of StyleMakers, Kerri is embarking on a new and exciting journey in her life and looks forward to sharing that journey with her clients and fellow stylists at the salon.

Monica – Senior Hair Stylist

Monica has been doing hair for a total of 32 years, 25 of which she has spent at StyleMakers Hair Design. She has two teenage boys, a wonderful husband and a male rescue dog. When she’s not with her family she’s enjoying her time at the salon because it’s not a “job” when you love what you do.

What does Monica love most about doing hair? She loves making people feel great; nothing is more satisfying than watching her clients leave her chair with a smile on their face, feeling better than when they came in. Monica finds that the most rewarding aspect of being a stylist is all the great conversations she gets to share with her clients. As an industry professional, she loves making people feel great about themselves — hair is the one thing we can change.

Monica grew up in Lloydminster, where she went to a fun and trendy salon for her haircuts. She remembers thinking what a fun place it would be to work, so she pursued and attended hair school in Edmonton. After school, Monica moved back to Lloydminster and began her career in the fun atmosphere she had always wanted to be a part of — an atmosphere she still enjoys.

Laura – Senior Hair Stylist

Laura has been doing hair for 18 years, and she would still argue that it doesn’t feel like work, because the hair industry is so creative. She still loves to better her education with hair shows and classes about the newest hair trends. Her favourite aspect of being a stylist is getting to connect with the clients in her chair every day and being a part of a salon with such an easy-going environment. Laura’s favourite is doing hair for weddings and formal occasions.

Laura’s love for hair began in high school when she was a part of the cosmetology program. She fell in love with the industry immediately and started working in a salon at the beginning of grade 12 — it was an instant fit.

When Laura isn’t at the salon spending time with her clients and coworkers, she loves to travel. She has traveled to Brazil, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and even lived and worked as a hair stylist in Australia. Laura and her husband have two rescue dogs and love to foster other rescue dogs for Misty Creek Dog Rescue. On weekends, she can be found working in the yard, hunting for antiques at estate sales, or trying out new restaurants.

Rochelle – Senior Hair Stylist

Rochelle has been doing hair for twenty-four years, and still feels inspired by it every day. She loves being able to make her clients happy and feel great with the instant change and gratification that hairstyling brings. Rochelle’s start in the hair industry actually began because her mom made her give it a try, but then she fell in love! If you ask her what she loves doing, she would tell you it’s creating precision haircuts — like creating the perfect bob!

Outside of her work family at the salon, Rochelle has a family of her own. She has a husband, two kids, and six fur-babies. She loves being with animals and in her spare time she devotes herself to volunteering at The Alice Sanctuary — an animal rescue farm outside of Calgary.

Laura M – Senior Hair Stylist

Laura has been working in the hair industry for 20+ years after beginning her career as an apprentice. Laura’s inspiration comes from the brilliant work of the stylists around her and the unique creations of stylists on social media. Laura finds that nothing is more rewarding about her job than having clients feel better about themselves because of the work she created. She cherishes her clients and the relationships she has built with them over the years.

Laura’s interest in the hair industry didn’t just begin with a love for hair as a little girl. Not really knowing how to do her own hair, Laura signed up for cosmetology in high school, with the anticipation that should would learn. She never expected that she would love doing hair so much, especially for clients!

Alysha – Senior Hair Stylist

A young Alysha was obsessed with hair and learning how to do it all. In Grade 10 she started the cosmetology program where she could finally learn a skill that she was passionate about turning into a career. Alysha started at StyleMakers in 2007, working in the salon she was previously a client at. Now, years later Alysha is a senior stylist — a dream come true. She loves attending hair shows and participating in hair education classes. As new hair trends arise, she is eager to learn and incorporate them for her clients. Her passion in hair is colour, colour colour! She loves foils, blonde balayage and cutting free flowing layers – creating the whole picture!

Whether it’s a pixie cut, bob, long layers or colour correction, keeping the hair shiny and healthy is what is most important to her. A good consultation, paying attention to detail and the ability to create a look that complements each client’s individuality is what motivates her in the salon.

Jaime – Senior Hair Stylist

Bio coming soon!

Sarah – Hair Stylist

Sarah is an intermediate hair stylist at StyleMakers, with more than 5 years of experience in the hair industry. She loves that her job allows her to be creative every day and help people to feel great about themselves. Sarah’s favourite is doing updos for special occasions and transforming her clients with some highlight fun; both are instant and creative ways to change a client’s look. Like most girls, Sarah loved doing her own hair and her friends’ hair – her biggest inspirations for starting a career in the hair industry.

Kallee – Apprentice

Kallee has been in the industry for two years, and loving every second she has in the salon. She knew from a young age that hair was her passion, and started pursuing it in cosmetology in grade 10. She proceeded to finish her training at MC College, and has been with the StyleMakers team since April 2019.

Kallee is certified in extension and is eager to help women transform into their hair goals. She loves doing everything from cuts to all over colours; her biggest passions are balayage, foils and anything colour.

Kallee loves being able to make her clients feel confident. Hair is the crown you never take off after all!

Camren – Apprentice

Bio coming soon!

Megan – Receptionist

Megan has been doing hair for a little over 10 years. She started doing her mom’s hair when she was only 15 years old, encouraging her to start cosmetology in grade 10. Megan became a stylist in January 2017 and got her Red Seal certification the following July.

What inspires Megan about hair is the creativity she gets to be a part of. She loves that every workday is different from the last. As the salon assistant, she likes to  contribute to an atmosphere that encourages teamwork, growth, success and relationships. She loves working with the salon team, assisting each stylist in becoming the best they can be.